Project Description



There is and increasing need to enable collaboration across geographies, locally and globally. This business reality comes with the challenge of increasing cost of travel. But, with our new age conferencing solutions, you can enjoy seamless connectivity, collaborate with your business associates and make informed decisions.


Unique conferencing request

Send conferencing requests on the fly, with no pre-sheduling requirement for any meeting


Cost Effective

Collaborate more often and efficiently while eliminating travel cost.


More than minutes of Meeting

Get reports and recordings that help file meeting notes instantly


Comprehensive admin control

Moderate meetings are efficiently comprehensive admin control


Tata Conferencing Solutions give you the benefits of a carrier class service that can be used anytime, anywhere and through any channel. You no longer need to get into the logistics of scheduling ‘call in’ using different numbers or manually log the call time on a calendar. The audio, web and video features of your Conferencing Solutions help you access the best that the technology has to offer.

Conferencing Architecture 1.0

Anytime Anywhere Anyhow
  • No Conference scheduling required
  • On-demand: use whenever you need to
  • PAN India dial-in numbers
  • Domestic Toll Free Services (DTFS) and International Toll Free Services
  • Web
  • Audio
  • Dial-in
  • Dial-out
  • Send conferencing requests on the fly, with no pre-scheduling requirement for any meeting

  • Collaborate more often and efficiently while eliminating travel costs

  • Get reports and recording that help file meeting notes instantly

  • Enjoy round the clock access, service and support

  • Engage effectively with your audience using real-time text chats, polls, survey features, visual elements and live videos

  • Moderate meetings more efficiently with comprehensive admin controls



  • Comprehensive mobile and desktop application

    • Getx7 conference access
    • Monitor your web or audio meeting, without actually being on it
    • Single click connectivity from the app from anywhere
    • Do roll calls, administer surveys and polls, and record meetings
    • View all meetings history
    • Save frequency attended meetings as ‘Favorites’
  • Capability to host up to  participants in a single conference

  • Feature rich console

    • Get pop-up and audio alerts when guests enter or leave your meeting
    • Set volume levels, view participants’ numbers, send e-mails and highlight current speaker through the ‘Active Talker’ feature
    • Invite guests, lock meeting, mute all and end meetings
  • Compatible across different platforms such as Android, Blackberry and iOS

  • Dial-in access to local PAN India number through our Single Number Service (SNS)

  • Web Conferencing and portal facilities with secure online meeting environment

  • Premium web conferencing solution for

    • Rich media slide show presentions
    • Screen sharing, desktop sharing and application sharing
    • Upto 300 participants on audio and 125 on web conferencing
    • Live audio, video recording and streaming from the app
    • Insert whiteboard with annotations
    • Text chat, live polls and surveys
  • Collect instant feedback from participants through a simple,user-friendly web interface

  • With Tata Audio Conferencing Solutions you do not need any capital investment

  • Our service is compatible across device types and operating systems

  • With us, you get carrier grade service with 24×7 access, service and support

  • Our service standards are second to none

  • We value realationships